Crime Prevention

Midland Raises The Bar For After-Hours Access For Residents


As part of the out-sourcing of police dispatch that sees no human presence in the reception area in off-hours, police agencies typically follow a model where a phone is installed on the outside wall of their office that is used to call dispatch for police assistance or response.

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Can You Help Identify This Shoplifting Ring?

Shoplifting Ring

Please review the collage of photos that show several suspects in what we are alleging is an organized theft ring. The group attends electronics stores and removes high value electronics, concealing them in their "shoplifting vests".

Distracted Driving - 24/7 Enforcement

Distracted Driving

We are enforcing these laws against distractions 24/7. Would you drive around staring at your floor mats? Then why would you take your eyes of the road ahead to read or reply to that text notification? Turn off your ringer and alerts. Put the phone away or use your bluetooth connection to use it hands-free.

Safe Exchange Program Adopted By Midland Police

Safe Exchange Program At Midland Police Service

Following a suggestion made to Councillor Cody Oschefski from a resident, Kelly Maurice the Midland Police Service in now encouraging citizens to utilize our parking lot as a potential safe exchange location for online purchases.

Social Media Travel Updates Can Get You Burglarized

Please Rob Me - Vacation Status Updates Can Cost You

With travel season well underway and the peak season about to begin, it is important to remember that you don't have any control over who shares your status updates. We strongly encourage you not to post anything about your travel plans (dates, locations etc) until you come back from vacation.

Beware Of 'Assassin' E-Mail Scam


Police are warning people not to be tricked into handing over cash to fraudsters following the circulation of a scam email.

The email circulating online claims to be from a sympathetic assassin who thinks that the recipient of the email has wrongly had a contract taken out against them.

Beware Online Lottery Scams


A local resident reports that the "Facebook Lottery Scam" is making the rounds again. You will get an online chat from some contact that you added at some point (in this case it was a friend whose account was hacked) who alerts you to the fact they just won some large amount of money in the Facebook lottery. You are surprised to learn there is a lottery.

Fireworks - What You Need To know


We are reminding you that the use of fireworks is prohibited anywhere in the Town of Midland (except your own property or private property where you have consent of the owner) without a licence and associated regulatory insurance / expertise. Bylaw 2007-8 came into effect May14th 2007.

How To Spot An E-Mail Phishing Scam In 5 Seconds


Here is a sure-fire way to spot an e-mail "phishing" scam in 5 seconds. Look at the attached scam email that came in to my inbox today.

You know it's 99.9% a scam when...