Police Services Board

Midland Police Services Board Announces Collective Bargaining Settlements

Handshake - Deal

The Midland Police Services Board is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of contract talks with the Midland Police Association. After negotiations extending over several months, the two sides recently reached settlements covering Uniform personnel and Civilian employees of the Midland Police Service.

OCPC Section 40 Hearing - Outsourcing Dispatch - Tonight 7PM

Public Meeting

The OCPC (Ontario Civilian Policing Commission) Section 40 Hearing is tonight at 7:00PM in Council Chambers.

The hearing is to consider the downsizing request which would see police dispatch outsourced to Owen Sound. The public has the right to speak at this hearing. All are welcome to attend.

Midland Police Service Board Procedural Policies

The Midland Police Services Board policies are published below.

Midland Police Services Board

The Police Services Board for the Town of Midland shall strive to provide policing services in accordance with the principles as defined in the Police Services Act (Bill 107), Section 1, and shall accept as its responsibility those duties which are defined under Section 31(1) of the s