Press Release - General

E-Mail Attachments Can Be Dangerous - Ransomware

Ransomware Trojan

Among the many online scams, viruses, hoaxes and insidious threats like data-encrypting ransomware attacks, there is one method that seems to be very popular right now.

Annual Fishing Derby & Bicycle Rodeo - Saturday at 9am!

Bike Rodeo & Fishing Derby

Saturday June 11th 2016 is a busy day in Midland. Midland Police Service will be busy around town for Ontario's Best Buttertart Festival along lower King Street, and the 26th annual kids fishing derby at the town docks as well as running the bicycle safety rodeo where kids drive through a make-shift city to learn bike safety and sign recognition.

Sudden Death - Fall From Building

Breaking News

Midland Police Service are on scene at a Midland Avenue apartment building investigating a sudden death. A woman was found deceased in the parking lot of the building from what appears to be a fall.

Midland Police Service are investigating and no further details or comments will be released at this time. The name of the deceased is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.

Scam Using Midland Police Name Address & Phone Number

Scam Alert

On Monday April 11th 2016, the Midland Police Service received a report that a Burlington man received a call from a company stating they were from Windows and wanted to gain access to his computer for the purpose of fixing it.

OACP Press Release About "Street Checks" aka "Carding"


In a public statement released by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Executive Director Ron Bain says the following. It can be summarized as "Biased policing prohibited but street checks regulated"

Ontario Regulation 58/16, Collection of Identifying Information in Certain Circumstance – Prohibitions and Duties (Street Checks)

Reducing Policing Costs & Collective Agreements


This week I will attempt to address two questions posed by concerned citizens. Roger asks, “What is the Midland police doing to reduce costs?” and Jim asks, “Why is the police contract good for Midland residents?”

1. What are the Police doing to Reduce Costs?

Fentanyl Abuse Leading To 577+ Deaths

Fentanyl Facts

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and the RCMP have partnered with new online education initiatives to help stop the rash of fatalities from the abuse of Fentanyl as a recreational drug. This alert comes in the wake of an even more potent variation called W-18 that is reported to be 100 times more potent than Fentanyl and 10,000 times more potent than morphine.

Trendsetting: Midland Police Twitter Initiative Catching On

Retweeting Crime Alerts

Over a month ago, Inspector Ron Wheeldon of the Midland Police Service began a #Twitter campaign in attempts to #unite the #public and #police in the fight against #crime. Many crime bulletins, alerts and photographs are put out daily by law enforcement agencies across #Canada and the #World.

Midland Police Shoulder Flash History

Crown's Permission To Use Our Badge

Like most police services there have been many changes to our police crest or "shoulder flash" as some refer to it. The first crests were simple and only provided the name of the police department.

Midland Police Service Original Crest / Shoulder Flash

Midland Police Services Board Announces Collective Bargaining Settlements

Handshake - Deal

The Midland Police Services Board is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of contract talks with the Midland Police Association. After negotiations extending over several months, the two sides recently reached settlements covering Uniform personnel and Civilian employees of the Midland Police Service.