Road & Weather Conditions

Road & Weather Conditions

Simcoe County Road Conditions and links to the MTO road conditions. A good resource to have bookmarked on your phone or computer. Check it before you venture out.

Don't Get Drugged - Keep Control Of Your Beverage

Date Rape Drug - Keep Control Of Your Drinks

The Midland Police Service would like to remind the public that when attending a licensed establishment, party or otherwise; keep proper control of your beverage.

Bicycle Safety - What You Need To Know

Bicycle Safety - Share The Road

Cycling is a fun, healthy and inexpensive way to get around, whether you cycle to and from work or school, or recreationally on the weekends. You'll enjoy it most when your bicycle handling and traffic skills are in good shape. Cyclists, like any other vehicle driver, have the same rights and duties as motorists. To increase the safety of cyclists, we educate drivers to Share the Road!

Cybercrime - Safety Online From Scams & Other Threats


The attached digital booklet has been produced by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and is an excellent resource to keep you and your loved ones safe from online threats.

You can download your own copy here

Senior Citizen's Guide to Safety and Security


The RCMP has produced a fantastic guidebook for seniors that addresses many aspects of safety, fraud prevention and personal security. We go out into the community and present on these topics and suggest that you get this brochure into the hands of all your loved ones.

Graphic PSA - Distractions Are Killing Us

Teen Trends That Parents Need To Know About...

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Teen trends you should be aware of... UFC punch out games, sexting etc...

If you missed this show on the Dr. Phil TV show, you can watch the episode on YouTube... it is broken down into segments.

This is part two:
This is part three:

Sexting... Parents Do You Understand This Term?

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Sexting... this is happening more than you think or want to admit. You need to know about this and talk to your kids about it. There are many resources online about this topic, but think this one drives it home.

Think Before You Text & Post!

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You cannot take it back once you post it online. I don't know how clearer we can make this message. Watch this Public Service Announcement and send it to anyone you think could benefit from seeing it.

Think Before You Text And Post!

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Billions of text messages are delivered on cellular and internet social network sites daily... with little to no control over who reads them or who can forward them...

Think about this before you keep the world up-to-date with details you might now want floating around the airwaves and internet...

Once you send it you Can't Take It Back.