Midland Police Services Board

The Police Services Board for the Town of Midland shall strive to provide policing services in accordance with the principles as defined in the Police Services Act (Bill 107), Section 1, and shall accept as its responsibility those duties which are defined under Section 31(1) of the said Act.

What is the Police Services Board?

Every municipality in Ontario with its own police service must have a civilian board to govern that police service. Police services boards are independent bodies established by provincial legislation called the Police Services Act. The boards represent community interests and are accountable to the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services, and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission located in Toronto.

Who are the members of the Police Services Board?

The Midland Police Services Board (MPSB) has five(5) members: two members of Town Council, two citizens appointed by the Province as community representatives, and one citizen appointed by Town Council as a community representative.

To be considered for membership by appointment by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, please see the attached application and information sheet.

Current Board Members

Chair - George Dixon
Council Community Appointee
Deputy Chair - Stewart Strathearn
Council Appointee
Glen Canning
Council Appointee
Judy Contin, Provincial Appointee
Jim Attwood, Provincial Appointee

The Council members and the citizen appointed by Council serve for the duration of the Council term. The provincial appointees serve up to three year terms, which expire at various times. At the first meeting each year, the Board appoints a Chairperson for that year.

What does a Police Services Board do?

Section 31 of the Police Services Act sets out the responsibilities boards must fulfil on behalf of the residents of their municipality. The primary role of the board is to establish, after consultation with the Chief of Police, the overall objectives and priorities for the provision of police services and the safety and security of citizens. Some of its other key responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting and appointing the Chief of Police and Deputy Chiefs of Police
  • Annually assessing the Chief's performance
  • Approving annual operating and capital budgets for the Police Service
  • Establishing policies and by-laws for the effective management of the police service
  • Preparing a business plan for the Police Service every three years

The Board cannot direct the Chief with respect to specific operational decisions or day-to-day operations of the Service. The Chief of Police is responsible for administering the Police Service and overseeing its operation in accordance with the objectives, priorities and policies established by the Board.

Strategic Plan

The MPSB's current strategic plan is published below as a reference

MPSB Strategic Plan Handout428.24 KB
PSBVacancyInfoSheet.pdf141.31 KB