Operational Front Line Policing

Uniform Patrol

Uniform patrol Constables are organized into platoons. Each platoon is overseen by a Sergeant. Midland Police currently has four platoons that rotate through 12hr shifts on a four days on and four days off shift schedule. Each platoon works two 12hr days shifts, followed by two 12hr night shifts supplemented by plain clothes and speciality investigators whose shifts vary in frequency and duration to meet our operational needs.

Our uniform patrol officers operate, for the most part, fully marked police cruisers and SUVs. Unmarked patrol vehicles are deployed as needed to target specific enforcement initiatives. A police cruiser is a specialized connected mobile office with all the necessary tools available to each patrol officer.

The uniformed patrol officer is the most highly visible component of our police service and acts as the first level of response to routine calls for service and emergency situations. They also assume the 'face' of Midland Police Service and are most people's first impression of our service and members.

Criminal Investigations Branch / Intelligence

The members of this unit work in the background collecting information and conducting precision and extremely detailed investigations, often commenced by the uniform patrol unit's first response. The caseload of these Detective Constables is managed and overseen by a Detective Staff Sergeant. CIB members attend specialized investigative training during their assignment to this unit as this unit specializes in more serious crimes, either by their nature or their number.

Their work schedules are a blend of days, afternoons and nights and are driven by their caseload. Our CIB unit members do not wear uniforms but will identify themselves to you with a Midland Police Service wallet badge and Warrant Card (photographic ID). CIB officers operate unmarked, plain vehicles.

Marine Emergency Response

Midland is a port town and is the gateway to some of the most desirable recreational boating in North America (the Georgian Bay and the North Channel).

Although the area's waterways fall under the mandate of the Ontario Provincial Police for general patrol and enforcement, we partner with the OPP and the RCMP to respond to emergencies and offences in and around our waterways.

As such, our 22ft Limestone is ready to respond, should it be required, to the Midland Bay area. While we don't staff or have the costs associated with a "Marine Unit", it has been prudent to be prepared in the event of an emergency and our boat has been instrumental in several rescues over the years. Our vessel was donated to us by the RCMP and is very cost-effective to operate and maintain and stays docked at the Town pier during the summer months. Select patrol officers attend either the OPP or RCMP marine operations courses where they receive the necessary training to safely operate an emergency response vessel in challenging conditions. In addition to emergency response, you will see our boat at public education and relation events during the summer months where we conduct safety checks and enforce Provincial and Federal statutes when required.

Foot / Bicycle / Snowmobile Patrols

Bicycle patrol at Midland Police ServiceSelect uniform patrol officers are assigned to Bicycle and Snowmobile duty. The area's parks, pathways and trail systems require that we expand our patrol vehicle fleet to accommodate the additional terrain. We currently have two mountain bikes and two snow machines in our fleet. These targeted patrols are conducted as required.

All officers are required to perform foot patrols in our downtown core to maintain a high level of visibility, which helps prevent crime, and allows for easy approach and interaction with and by our citizens and visitors alike.

Schools & Community Service Officers

Key officers are assigned to support our youth in education, crime prevention and crime abatement strategies through the use of a wide variety of community programs like Race Against Drugs, VIP (Values Influences & Peers), Anti-Bullying, Impaired driving prevention, and customized presentations to community groups. This vital role supports our youth, encourages positive community values and reinforces our commitment to crime prevention through education and direct involvement in the community and schools.