Frequently Asked Questions

Bylaw (28)

Jim Reichheld M.L.E.O.(c) C.P.S.O.
Certified Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
Certified Property Standards Officer
Town of Midland
705-526-4275 x2227
705-526-9971 (fax)

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit will be able to help you with mould issues, they can be contacted at 721-7520. The Town of Midland does not deal with mould issues.

If you have a concern regarding rent, or other financial matters, matters of eviction, or general questions regarding tenancies, you may contact the Customer Service line for the Landlord and Tenant Board at 1-888-332-3234.

The Town of Midland’s Municipal Law Enforcement Department deals with trees that are dead, dying or in immediate danger of causing damage or bodily harm. Issues related to trees between two individuals are not dealt with by the Town as they are considered to be a civil matter.

All our parking meters have a 2 hour limit. The current meter rate is $1.00 / hour.

Parking on the street between November 15th and April 1st (between midnight and 7am) is prohibited due to (the potential for) snow removal. During the remainder of the year parking on the street is permitted if the street is not signed as no parking and you are not interfering with traffic or blocking a laneway or driveway.

Any vehicles with a GWVR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) over 5000 KG cannot be stored on a residential property.

Yes, By-law 98-3 prohibits the operation of snow vehicles on any sidewalk or boulevard within the Town and By-Law 99-13 regulates motorized snow vehicles within Municipal Parks.

No motorized vehicles are permitted on Town trails.

No, currently ATV’s are not permitted on municipal roadways.

The Town of Midland does not provide large item pickup. Large item collection is now available from the County of Simcoe from June until September.
Call Customer Service at 1-800-263-3199 to schedule an appointment for bulky collection.
Maximum five items allowed per collection. Payment of $35 per scheduled pick up is required at time of booking

A clean yard is one that is free from derelict vehicles, boats, trailers, free of discarded machinery and piles of brush. A clean yard is generally not unsightly and out of context with the surrounding environment.

No parking on any street or municipal lot between 12:01am and 7:00am from November 15th until April 1st.

Property owners are able to remove feral cats found on their property. Contact Huronia Animal Control (549-2289) for further information (Fees may apply)

Pool fences require a permit prior to the start of construction. No water shall be put into a pool before a permit is issued and a proper fence is constructed.

Water restrictions are in place year round. Even numbered houses may water the lawn on even numbered days, and odd numbered houses may water their lawns on odd numbered days between the hours of 5:00am and 10:00am, and 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Please see website for more info.

Yes, but it must be on a licensed trailer.

No, all vehicles on any property must be currently licensed and operational. Exemptions apply to legal commercial businesses, including used/new car dealerships, body shops, mechanic shops and wrecking yards.

Yes, all dogs are required to be licensed by March 1ist of that year.

If the license is purchases prior to Feb 28 the cost is $15.00. As of March 1st, the cost increases to $30.00

You can own, or harbour a maximum of 2 dogs.

$50.00 Annually.

$100.00 semi-annually ($200 Annually) per vehicle.

No, building the good side of the fence towards your neighbour is not required, it is only done out of courtesy.

Yes, you have the right to build a fence directly on the property line. Survey’s may be required to determine the exact boundary.

Yes, cedar hedges must also be a maximum of 6’6” from grade.

6 feet 6 inches (6’6”) from grade.

If you believe that a parking infraction has been wrongly issued, you may attend the Municipal Office and complete a complaint form. The form will be reviewed by a supervisor and a decision rendered in regards to the validity of the ticket.

Other than requesting consideration, there are three options available to a person receiving a parking ticket.

Crime Prevention (2)

Many people call the Midland Police Service asking us if we are affiliated to organizations such as the Police Retirees of Ontario who have contacted them during their fundraising campaigns.

The Midland Police Service is NOT associated with any fundraising group.

This is a common online fraud technique called "phishing" where very authentic-looking e-mails are sent out that link back to a "spoofed" or replica website that looks and acts like the original, legitimate site.

The intention is to lure you into revealing personal identification or information that the fraudster can use to assume your identity.

General (3)

Yes - You can visit and when choosing the ticket type, it will indicate if you are able to pay the ticket online. By paying online you are admitting guilt and paying the value of the fine, including the victim fine surcharge. A conviction will be registered.

No. Your driver's licence (once you are old enough to have one) is what allows you to lawfully operate a snowmobile. The fact that you may have a snowmobile licence does not override the driver's licence. If you have a suspended driver's licence, you cannot lawfully operate a snowmobile anywhere except on private property.

We switched to a digitally encrypted radio system several years ago. Unfortunately, since the change, you cannot scan or monitor our radio transmissions, but neither can the bad guys.

Legal Process (8)

What are provincial offences?

Provincial offences are minor (non-criminal) offences that include, but are not limited to:

  • speeding, careless driving, or not wearing your seat belt - Highway Traffic Act
  • failing to surrender your insurance card or possessing a false or invalid insurance card - Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
  • DNA

    If you are convicted of an offence where the court orders you to appear to have a sample of your DNA extracted and placed on the National DNA Databank, you will be given some paperwork and told to attend our police station to fulfil that requirement. If you are in custody (aka jail), we may bring you to the station before you go (back) to jail or we may visit you in jail to execute this order.

    Parental Responsibility Act of Ontario

    Yes. The Parental Responsibility Act, 2000 holds parents and guardians civilly liable for damages or losses incurred at the hands of their children.

    As a parent or guardian of a child (under 18yrs) you should familiarize yourself with this short statute that can have a profound effect on your finances if you fail to exercise adequate supervision and control over your children.

    A recognizance (of bail) is a promise that an accused person makes in court, to abide by the conditions that made it possible for them to be released from custody.

    Weekends And Statutory Holiday (WASH) court is a bail hearing that happens on weekends and statutory holidays, hence the name.

    Offenders who, at the time of sentencing, meet the guidelines for a conditional sentence are permitted to serve their 'incarceration' time in the community and living in their residence. Typically, a conditional sentence (commonly referred to as House Arrest) involves terms that the convicted person must remain in their residence except for specific circumstances.

    As you should be aware, a surety is essentially a 'jailer' out of jail. When someone is released from bail court with conditions and under the supervision of a 'surety', the surety has promised to enforce the terms of the recognizance of bail and backed up that promise with a financial pledge.

    Bail Hearing

    A bail hearing is a judicial proceeding where the court determines if a person charged with a criminal offence should be released on bail, trusted to make any and all required court appearances up to and including a trial.

    Records Services (1)

    Insurance companies know that copies of police reports (the sections that we can release) cost money.

    Most of those companies are well-acquainted with the process of ordering copies of reports from the many police services that they deal with daily.

    Despite this, some companies or their agents, request that YOU buy the report from the police and submit it to them.

    Recruiting (2)

    Yes. You can learn more about it by visiting

    We advertise vacancies (civilian and uniform) on this website, under the recruiting section, and in the local print media. We do not accept unsolicted resumes or applications. You need to wait for a suitable vacancy to be posted before you can apply.