I got a phone call asking for money from the Police Retirees of Ontario. Are they legitimate?

Many people call the Midland Police Service asking us if we are affiliated to organizations such as the Police Retirees of Ontario who have contacted them during their fundraising campaigns.

The Midland Police Service is NOT associated with any fundraising group.

As a citizen, you should investigate any group or business that wants you to donate money. At a minimum you should take the time to check out the website of the organization calling you. Contact them directly and ask what the money will be used for, and who belongs to their organization. Make sure the person calling you actually represents the group they say they do. Do not hesitate to ask a family member or friend what they know about the organization, or to help you get more information.

The Midland Police Service is aware that there is a website titled, www.policeretireesofontario.com that you may visit at your leisure.