What is a bail hearing?

Bail Hearing

A bail hearing is a judicial proceeding where the court determines if a person charged with a criminal offence should be released on bail, trusted to make any and all required court appearances up to and including a trial.

If the court determines that there is no reason to believe the accused person will fail to show up for court appearances and that the accused is not likely to re-offend while on bail, it must release the accused subject to whatever terms and conditions are deemed appropriate in the circumstances.

Those conditions can require an accused to maintain a specific address, report to the police, not have contact with victims and witnesses. In addition, the court may require that one or more sureties pledge some assets or cash to act as assurance that the accused will comply with the conditions of release. The surety is effectively a 'jailor' out of jail and has control over the accused and is held accountable for any breaches of conditions that the accused may commit while released to their care/custody.

To learn more about bail sureties and how to release yourself from this task, you can click here.

For Simcoe County matters, bail hearings are run at the Barrie Provincial Court 75 Mulcaster St, Barrie, ON L4M 3P2. The Midland Provincial Court is still considered a 'satellite' court and does not host bail hearings. Bail hearings run every day of the week, including statutory holidays. Weekend and Statutory Holiday (WASH) bail hearings are usually only used to remand the accused into custody pending a weekday bail hearing, but on occasion, a bail hearing with release conditions can be carried out. For more information about WASH court click here -> http://www.police.midland.on.ca/faq/what-wash-court

For more information see the Ministry of the Attorney General website: www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca/english/about/pubs/sureties.asp