Affordably & Passionately Serving Midland For A Century (Disbanding In 2018)

Chief Michael Osborne

Since the late 1800's dedicated professionals have provided policing to our beautiful, waterfront community in an attempt to make Midland the best place to live, work and play. Our team puts “Community First”, interacting with residents and visitors in a friendly and respectful manner. They continue to impress me everyday with their knowledge, ability and compassion.

Please take a moment to explore the content of our site or follow myself, or Inspector Wheeldon on Twitter. Our addresses are “MidlandPolice” and “InspWheeldon”, respectively. You may also be interested in my blog (Q&A) where I publish important facts and operational truths about administering our Municipal Police Service.

Police service requires an unbending dedication to courtesy, compassion and consideration, and the willingness to accept criticism, admit mistakes, and work together. If ever we fail to meet your service expectations, please call. Our Members are always willing to listen, and work with you to find a solution.


Chief Mike Osborne