History Series: Midland Police Service - Part 1

As the Chief of Police I am extremely proud of the men and women of the Midland Police Service that have been an integral part of community safety since the late 1800’s. However, very little of the Police Service's history has been preserved and we know little about our early days.

Rene Hackstetter, Vice-Chair of the Huronia Museum Board, did offer me a glimmer of hope when he showed me a picture of one of, if not the first police officers, in the town of Midland. That led to a discussion with Cst. Chris Paul who attended the museum and sought out the help of Curator Genevieve Carter who advised the museum was in the process of digitizing their historical photographs and had found a number of police pictures.

Over the coming weeks I will be sending out some of the photographs and whatever detail we have for all to enjoy. If you have additional information regarding those in the pictures it would be nice to speak with you.

Thank you again to Rene and Genevieve of the Huronia Museum for your assistance reclaiming some of our history that I now proudly display in our office.

Chief Mike Osborne

The first picture in the series depicts Constable Albert Bell, his wife Jennie Bell (nee Dunn) and their daughter Lillian. Constable Bell was one of, if not the first police officer in our community.

The second picture depicts the first Clerk and Treasurer T.I. Trueman, William McTavish and Constable Bell at the Midland Town Hall.

Albert, Jennie and Lillian Bell Early Town of Midland Office with Cst Bell