Impaired Driving Statistics For December 2016


Guess how many impaired drivers were charged in Midland over the 2016 holiday season (Dec 1 - Dec 31)? It is the same as the number of beers that 95% of our impaired drivers say that they had consumed when asked...

With impaired statistics around the Province on the rise, it was refreshing to see that Midland's numbers were low... however, two impaired drivers is still two too many.

Perhaps our satirical videos and posts helped spread the message. Either way, we all know that there were more than two impaired drivers on the roads this holiday season, and that we simply had the occasion to catch two of them, but we can still say that we are pleased by low numbers locally when other jurisdictions are suffering with increases. Let's hope that trend continues into 2017!

So, cheers Midland... thanks to all those who choose to drink responsibly and not to drive while impaired by drug or alcohol!