Noise Complaints / Parking Complaints / Animal Complaints - Who To Call?

Online Bylaw Reporting Tool

With the summer season coming it is important to remind residents that the Town of Midland has a bylaw enforcement officer who deals with the many municipal bylaws that exist in Midland. The most common bylaw issues are parking complaints, noise complaints and animal complaints. In off hours and on weekends and holidays, Midland Police are expected to handle bylaw issues that cannot wait for the bylaw officer to return to work.

The town's most frequently requested bylaws can be found inline at:

To contact the town of Midland and the bylaw office for complaints that are taking place between 8am-4pm Monday to Friday, you are to call (705) 526-4275 ext 2227 or you can open an electronic request by clicking the ONLINE BYLAW REPORTING TOOL or using the link on the town of Midland's home page at:

Calling the police for municipal bylaw issues should only be an option after hours, on weekends and during holidays. Callers making Bylaw complaints during regular business hours will be referred back to the bylaw department for service and response.

Keeping our officers focused on their primary duties keeps general and targeted criminal and provincial law enforcement more efficient and responsive, part of our ongoing mission.