Trendsetting: Midland Police Twitter Initiative Catching On

Retweeting Crime Alerts

Over a month ago, Inspector Ron Wheeldon of the Midland Police Service began a #Twitter campaign in attempts to #unite the #public and #police in the fight against #crime. Many crime bulletins, alerts and photographs are put out daily by law enforcement agencies across #Canada and the #World.

The thought is that if law enforcement agencies retweet each others bulletins, their followers will retweet them and enhance the potential for recognition of the offender, or generation of crime tips in relation to that crime. It literally has a spider web effect and reaches a broader geographical audience.

A meaningful graphic to capture attention for this message was selected. The Canadian flag with a blue line through it. The monicker to accompany it is "this unites us all" - referring to the public and the police. "Let's retweet each others crime bulletins and photos so "they" have nowhere to hide"

Insp Wheeldon -

"As citizens and as police we have a shared responsibility in the fight against crime. This is an effective mechanism in which we can all participate and work together...."

Our policing colleagues from Owen Sound Police Service saw some of Inspector Wheeldon's initial tweets and liked the idea. They improved upon the Canadian flag with the blue line, by placing the words - "Crime Bulletin" "Alerts #Crime RT" across the front of it. This has now been adopted as the graphic used for the #Twitter message.

It is hoped that law enforcement agencies will pick up on this idea and retweet each others information so that "they" have #nowheretohide

You can follow Midland Police Service at @midlandpolice and Inspector Wheeldon at @InspWheeldon

Thanks to CBC for noticing our efforts online and the subsequent radio news coverage!